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William BERTON is a creator. He is passionate about colours and was one of the first to show how to choose the right colours to affect our behaviour. His method is innovative and amazingly effective.

It’s the colour that does it!

How does one choose them? Should you choose them because they suit you and are aesthetically pleasing? Why only consider the visual aspect when colour affects one’s behaviour too?

Every colour reflects a PARTICULAR VISION OF THE WORLD.
Let’s consider our perception of things, our state of mind and attitude towards life.

The work of discovery that has occupied William Berton since 1983 has led him to construct a table linking 45 Colours with their corresponding behaviours. It is a titanic work, with more than 1400 interpretations and three books that have become best-sellers.

Knowing how to talk about colour, to wear it and use at home and at work, to choose it for an Internet site or a visiting card: this is a great asset, when one knows which colours to choose. Because colours do have an effect! Each one acts according to its meaning!
The approach is essentially experimental. One has to try it to see the results!

Colours act in many ways:

- Linking oneself to the "source":
Using colours leads one to make contact with one’s being, indeed, with one’s truth and spiritual creation as well as the path that leads to prosperity and the capacity for love, peace and awareness.

- Feeling better:
Colours can be questioned, using a wheel or a set of 90 cards. The replies give a true vision of one’s self, one’s problems, of the solutions that are available, the subjects to discuss in order to get on better with people and also to improve one’s health, to know what to abandon and what to reinforce.

- Knowing oneself better:
Wearing colours makes one feel what it is to be oneself, as well as being with oneself. Each colour corresponds to a level of consciousness. When one has understood something, wearing the colour that corresponds to what has been understood allows one to integrate it in order to free oneself from it. In this way, personal development takes form, becoming meaningful and concrete.
It is the colour that does it!

- How one dresses:
What colours do you wear, and why? Colours have an effect. So it is good to check this and select the colours that are best for you: choose colours for their effect when you wear them.
- Occupying one’s space at the office or place of work:
The choice of colours for the home and office depends on how you want to be there. Before choosing them, try out the colours in order to select the right ones, depending on what you need. You will feel which colours are suitable!

- Production and design
Colours influence the person who looks at them. You should choose the colours that represent you and correspond to your products or services, and which will attract the customers to what you have to sell. To know which the right colours are, you have to try them!
COLOUR ENERGY is a practice that can be learnt. Do you want to know more?

It’s the colour that does it!

Enjoy exploring the colours!










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